CENY VSTUPENIEK Plavecké Múzeum Plavecký Dom
Celková cena* vstupenky* 1 200 Ft 600 Ft
Cena vstupenky pre žiakov, študentov a dôchodcov** 600 Ft 300 Ft
Cena rodinnej vstupenky (pri rodine: dvaja dospelí + deti) 2 600 Ft
Student/ pensioner group (max. 15 members) 6 500 Ft 4 600 Ft
Student/ pensioner group (from 16 to 25 members) 8 400 Ft 6 000 Ft

* Hungary Card kártyával 1 alkalommal 2 fő részére 50% kedvezményt biztosítunk a felnőtt, teljes árú jegy árából.

** For adults aged between 62 and 70, adults (1–2 parents or close relatives) accompanying at least two persons under the age of 18), and young persons aged between 6 and 26. These tickets are for citizens of Hungary or of another EEA (European Economic Area) country.

FEES FOR OTHER SERVICES** Plavecké Múzeum Plavecký Dom
Museum lesson (per student) 700 Ft
Guided Tour (per group) 3 500 HUF 1 800 HUF
Guided Tour Guided Tour (The Palóc Museum and The Palóc House, per group) 4 700 HUF
Photo ticket 1 200 HUF 1 200 HUF
Photo ticket (The Palóc Museum and The Palóc House) 1 800 HUF

** With purchased entrance ticket

The permanent exhibitions can be visited without charge by:

  • Children under the age of 6
  • Adults who have already turned 70 years of age
  • Disabled persons (1 companion is also admitted without charge)
  • Holders of EMMI tickets
  • Members of national civil organisations which are connected to museums and other public collections and which have at least 400 members
  • Educators (with an educator’s card) who work in public education and who are citizens of Hungary or of another EEA country
  • Persons aged between 18 and 26 and children under the age of 18 with two close relatives when visiting on the third Saturday of each month (for citizens of Hungary or of another EEA country)
  • Holders of an ICOM card
  • All visitors on 15 March, 20 August, and 23 October
  • Journalists (with valid identification)
  • Holders of the Tájak – Korok – Múzeumok pass

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